Xfer Serum – Analog Dreams. Vol.1 – Vintage + Vol.2 Modern (SALE)

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The digital synth inspired by an analog vibe.

We spent a lot of time and energy to find and sample 15 analog synths and then turn the records into wavetables. And on the basis of these waves we created two banks of presets:

Analog Dreams Vol.1 Vintage and Vol.2 Modern. Each bank includes 100 presets with basses, leads, pads, sequences, plucks, FXs and others.

The wavetables themselves are a special art. Some of them sound very phat and loud immediately, so they are nice for leads and basses, other more soft, blurred, distorted – for pads and FXs. It’s a huge palette for making your own sounds.

The folder with all these wavetables is available for free if you buy both banks: Vol.1 Vintage and Vol.2 Modern.

Synths that were used as a source for wavetables:

  1. Arturia MatrixBrute
  2. Arp 2600
  3. Korg MS-20
  4. MemoryMoog
  5. Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
  6. Korg Minilogue
  7. Korg Monologue
  8. Studio Electronics ESX1
  9. Farfisa
  10. Roland Jupiter 6
  11. Oberheim Matrix 12
  12. Oberheim 2 Voice
  13. Roland SH 101
  14. Roland System 100
  15. Roland MKS 70

Analog Dreams. Vol.1 – Vintage + Vol.2 Modern includes:

  • 29 Leads
  • 27 Basses32 Pads
  • 14 Strings
  • 29 Plucks
  • 37 Sequences
  • 21 Synths
  • 11 FXs

Reviews from YouTube

The European Sound Collective is proud to have Anton Anru as a Member. Your phenomenal programming skills and the endless Enthousiasme makes him very special in this genre. With Analog Dreams he reached the Top so far ….but I know there will come much more from this talented young man !!! Get this set as fast you can and I guaranty you will not regret it.
Burny Huber

Whoa, just purchased!! Perfect!

need this for some Melodic House. Excellent work!
Key Low

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