WaveRex & Korg Classics – How to use your own samples in a Korg Wavestation or M1

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The M1 and the Wavestation both truly changed the world of synthesizers! With its completely new sounds which have never been heard before, it has changed not only a whole music scene, but has probably shaped the entire decade of the 90s.

30 years have passed since KORG released its prototype 731 at NAMM in 1988. Shortly after this release, the M1 Music Workstation was introduced. Thankfully the M1 fans would like to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

30 years later: The wait has finally come to an end.

Is it possible to link the M1 to the concepts and technologies of the 21st century so that the unique sounds can be preserved in the future?

We have made it possible to upload your own samples and waveforms into the M1 and Wavestation! WaveReX® is an USB card similar to the regular PCM cards for the PCM DATA slot. Just upload your own samples to the WaveReX® Card and create your own multisounds or drumsets. This enables you to explore entirely new sound dimensions. No limits!

Use PCM-samples or Single Cycle Waveforms (DWGS) – everything is possible! Simply compile your own, new card and upload it via USB onto the card.

Use waveforms from Kawai K1, K3, K4 or 5000, PPG Waves oder the analog classic (Moog, Roland, KORG, SC and many more. WaveReX® is your solution!

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