☆☆Novation KS/X-Station – “Liquid Sounds” 128 Signature Presets

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128 hand made unusual great sounds for Novation K/X-Station series!

Presets list

  1. BNK Bold
  2. LNK Little 0
  3. ANK Square In
  4. NNK Moss
  5. SNK Somewhere
  6. KNK Shy Pad
  7. ANK Juno Bass
  8. TNK Glitches
  9. ANK Moses1
  10. ANK Moses2
  11. ANK Moses3
  12. SNK Uni Bass
  13. CNK Deeep
  14. RNK Reflective
  15. BNK Mission
  16. SNK Secret
  17. ANK Abandoned
  18. WNK Beauity
  19. SNK OB Pad
  20. LNK Long Pad
  21. QNK Quiet
  22. JNK Nova Bass
  23. TNK Obie String
  24. KNK Green Pad
  25. KNK Blue Pad
  26. CNK Angel Harp
  27. ANK JuNoX
  28. GNK Heaven Pluck
  29. JNK IDM Pad
  30. JNK Echoes
  31. INK Uni Arp
  32. BNK Lives
  33. SNK BlueBell
  34. HNK Homeland
  35. TNK Temple Bell
  36. GNK Disto PI
  37. KNK Legacy
  38. BNK Canada
  39. FNK Forests
  40. GNK Glass
  41. INK The Q
  42. VNK Vibra
  43. TNK TimeTravel
  44. KNK Chilly
  45. SNK Poly Arp
  46. ANK Angelica
  47. ONK Obi Bass
  48. NNK Real Analog
  49. CNK Organ Ambi
  50. CNK Cern
  51. MNK MovingOut
  52. SNK VCO
  53. SNK Long Road
  54. ANK Modular
  55. QNK Orange Pad
  56. CNK Glass Harp
  57. SNK Clock Pad
  58. SNK Blue Sky
  59. SNK Red Pad
  60. SNK Red Pluck

Fully compatible with KS4, 5, Rack, X-Station Models.

Groovy sequences, non-standard arps, great ambient plucks, the silkiest strings & pads, unison solos & fx’s!

This bank is a result of one year of working & opening new depths in KS synth engine.

KS- the smoothest v.a. ever made – can be so different – liquid, clean, distorted – hard & soft – depends on the imagination.

Preview 2:


Preview 3:

Reviews from YouTube

Wonderful. I have the K4. Novation has a unique sound. I don’t like sounding like everyone else. Well done.
moog Dome

Man, i did not know that this thing sounded as great as this.
Snupps Synth channel

The KS is one of the greatest synth s ever made so versatile..
Alex Mansion

Great synth, i have the KS rack and now also an Ultranova and Mininova. I sold the Supernova II and the Nova Desktop as these did not inspire me like the KS and UltraNova do :-))
Rik Vanhoenacker

Really interesting, thanks! I’ve got an x station and it’s been years but I’m still discovering new way to use it.
Davide Dag Cardella

love the sound of ‘War’, that little acid stab is a lovely touch too.

Hey man, great sounds! Where are the drums sounds coming from in this demo?
Marco Poli

Very cool sound!
Дневник Человека

Very Novation

I will grab one in my future…im so sad as i remember i sold my A-station engine for some damned euros…f**ing life!

Also compatible with Xio synth. 21:40 Philip Glass sounds. I’m impressed.

Better than a peak for sure!
Kindled Spark

Sounds great. I’ve got quite some Novation hardware as well, including the original K-station and an X-station 25. But, and that might sounds noobisch, what exactly is that ‘liquid’ sound compared to korgs, Rolands or even Arturias?

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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  1. Snuppeluppen søppelsopp.

    “Man, i did not know that this thing sounded as great as this.”

  2. Gridsleep.

    “Philip Glass sounds. I’m impressed.”

  3. Enorasis Project

    “Amazing work!”

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