☆☆KORG DW-8000 | “Analog Pearl” 64 Custom Presets

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“Analog Pearl” Soundset is here! 64 custom patches for wonderful vintage machine.

!!Working with Hardware version (sysex file & tape interface) & VST Version from Full Bucket!!

Korg DW-8000 is a great 33 years old vintage synth with deep sound & midi onboard.

While some people thinking that the interface is limited – we made deep vintage strings, warm pads & swells, fat basses, prophet 5 style leads & musical bells and plucks & fx to show that this machine is Deep!

All the sounds in this song made 100% with DW with no external fx – only mixing volumes & a bit limiting on master section.

Audio Preview:

You will get 64 highly usable presets.

The patch bank comes as an audio file (wav) for the built-in tape interface of your DW-8000/EX-8000. Included instructions how to load the bank. Also included is a patch list, to find the right sounds quickly.

List of sounds:

  1. Slow Detuned String
  2. Wave Pad
  3. Drifting String
  4. Vintage String
  5. Swell Open
  6. Mod Pad
  7. Mod String
  8. Mod Pad 2
  9. Rotation Pad
  10. String Machine
  11. Reso Drone
  12. Wavetable 5th Pad
  13. Wobbling Pad
  14. Ambience Pad
  15. Classic String
  16. Uni Thunder
  17. Uni Drone
  18. Slow Wob Pad
  19. Memories Pad
  20. Detune Pad
  21. Swell Mod
  22. String Thing
  23. Pad From The Past
  24. Early Pluck
  25. Detune Bass
  26. DX Bass
  27. Juno Bass
  28. Fret Bass
  29. Blade Bass
  30. Uni Bass
  31. Swell Bass
  32. Prophet 5
  33. Ghost Pad
  34. Gramophone
  35. Big String
  36. Big String 2
  37. Wave Pad
  38. Wave Pad 2
  39. Past String
  40. Wide Pad
  41. Bell
  42. Old Pluck
  43. Wide Bell
  44. NOise Bell
  45. Classic Bell
  46. Wave Pluck
  47. Uni Pluck
  48. Uni Bell
  49. Echoes
  50. Regen
  51. No Drug
  52. Poly Filter
  53. Invert
  54. Pl Pad
  55. Mod Pl
  56. Mod Pl 2
  57. Noise Line
  58. Saw Uni
  59. Sine Kick
  60. Snare
  61. Delayed
  62. Uni Wob
  63. Pluck D
  64. Deep Pad

Reviews from Youtube

The best soundset I have ever heard! From all the synths I ever heard, taking into account what the DW-8000 is…
Dan L

Nice work, these patches sound great. Keep in mind people, there are many sounds a DW8000 can do well. Like stings, pads, bells, organ sounds, leads, bass…80s kind of stuff, ambient, effects sounds. There’s a reason you don’t see any “acoustic piano” or super sparkly digital patches. I’ve owned a DW8000 for over 30 years, purchased new.

This is a really excellent bank. Is highly recommended. These patches just bring out the finest and best in this machine’s ability to sound warm and huge and fat which it does because of its beautiful analog filters that follow its clever digital oscillators. Its got a timeless sound to it. Many of the patches sound like other instruments as well as its own unique DW8000 sound. Putting some of these sounds into Unison makes them sound breathtaking to say the least.

I can’t tell you how many hours I have sat here designing my S2400 sampler with this playing in the background.. and yes, I bought these off you a long time ago..
Isla Instruments

The DW-8000 is such a wonderful synth! Extremely versatile but still a very distinct sound character mostly due to its amazingly warm filter. That kind of quality is still hard to find even with all the options we have today. It really shines in the brassy pads section where digital and analog get together for a true best of both worlds combination. And like so often Korg still managed to make it a really fun hands on instrument with just the right amount of parameters to keep programming simple. Perfect!

I just bought these and put them on my DW 8000 and they are amazing, you just want to stand there playing it all day! Easy to install as well thanks to the info supplied in the download 👍🏻
Fatrat Vlog

Fantastic sound Programming!
Snupps Synth channel

Very magic vintage sound.

Nice track
Mahjong Lover

cool stuff man. gonna buy a set after repairing my DW

About Nick, the author of this soundset

Nick Chronos, composer & sound designer, certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies. Get more information and a list of all sound designer soundbanks below.

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  1. Snuppeluppen søppelsopp.

    “Fantastic sound Programming!”

  2. Dan L.

    “The best soundset I have ever heard! From all the synths I ever heard, taking into account what the DW-8000 is…”

  3. Tom SHAA.

    “Very magic vintage sound.”

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